Loan consolidation – minimize debts


Consolidation of loan with loan providers

Offers you the possibility of grouping several loan in progress such as a car loan, a consumer credit, renewable … and possibly a new project. The real estate loans, meanwhile, have a specific redemption of loan which is detailed in the section “The consolidation of real estate credit with loan providers”. The story is on

With such a consolidation of loan, you manage your budget more simply and thus more efficiently. Indeed, it allows you to benefit from a single rate and a single interlocutor for all of your loan but also to pay only one monthly payment, the date, duration and amount are defined according to your needs and your projects.

This financial product offers you the possibility to reduce the total amount of your monthly repayments by extending the repayment period or to limit the maximum duration of the loan by paying high monthly payments.

Does not offer the consolidation of loan for loan consumption, personal, leisure …

Buying mortgage with loan providers

Buying mortgage with loan providers

The consolidation of loan providers real estate credit allows homeowners to consolidate all their loan and to take advantage of the many advantages provided by loan consolidation: lower monthly payments, contact with a single contact person … Your advisor will suggest a fixed or variable rate for your property. reconsolidation of real estate credit. The repayment term of the credit is 15 years. Your contract will be governed by the rules of credit-conso, unless the value of real estate loans represents more than 60% of the total amount of the grouping.

 Fixed rate for reconsolidation of mortgage, 4th quarter 2015
 Duration of the 15-year loan consolidation
 Highest rate: Not communicated
 Lowest rate: Not communicated


Loan providers’s credit buy-back allows French households to control their debt. Many families have opted for this refinancing solution and have emerged from their problematic situation after a few years. They have even been able to envisage new projects thanks to the adaptation of the monthly payments according to their incomes and the customized follow-up of qualified advisers. loan providers’s clients are scrupulously accompanied by the demand for the realization of the real estate loan buyback.

Loan consolidation simulation with loan providers

Loan consolidation simulation with loan providers

loan providers offers you a simulation of loan consolidation online. This free and non-binding service will guide you in your choice of financing so that it is the most adapted to your situation. Targeted simulations will enable you to better prepare your loan redemption request by indicating in particular the total cost of the operation as well as the cost of the credit at the fixed interest rate. This tool gives a good overview of your future grouping request and has the advantage of saving the selected simulation. The cost of optional credit insurance is generally not indicated.

It is advisable to make an appointment with a consultant to make a more personalized study of your situation, by phone or agency. It is recommended that you go directly to an agency to study your situation as a whole and to negotiate some elements such as the fees. Refer to the “Contact loan providers Customer Service” section.

You should know this before taking out a loan


Borrowing is not difficult these days. Whether as a simple online loan or classically via a bank, the market offers a variety of offers. With a loan often long-term interest and repayment obligations arise. Therefore, you should consider different loan offers carefully. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing the right loan.

Compare credit costs

Compare credit costsCompare credit costs

The main cost component of a loan is the interest. The interest rate on the loan amount used is called the borrowing rate. If the interest is fixed over a certain period of time or the entire term, it is called the borrowing rate, otherwise the borrowing rate is variable. There are also other important cost components, such as processing fees or loan fees. In order to make different credit offers comparable, the legislator has made it obligatory for lenders to quote the so-called APR for loan offers. In addition to interest, it takes into account additional cost components of a loan and can be used as a benchmark. In the case of different offers, you should pay particular attention to the annual interest rate in addition to the debit interest. But the effective interest rate does not include all credit costs. Provision interest, valuation costs for collateral or costs of a voluntary residual debt insurance, for example, are not included. They must be considered additionally.

Pay attention to contractual conditions

The terms of a loan include not only the costs, but also the monthly installment and the term are important. With a fixed loan amount, the shorter the term, the higher the monthly installment and vice versa. You can influence your personal rate with the choice of the term. The installment is especially important if you only have relatively little financial leeway. In addition, there are other terms that you should include in a credit decision. Many lenders allow premature repayments – even without expensive prepayment penalty. Regulations on repayment obligations or rate adjustments in the event of a change in economic conditions may also be important.

To test the personal efficiency

By borrowing it is easy to realize short-term consumer needs or larger purchases. If you are thinking of borrowing, you should always check beforehand if you can afford the related interest and principal payments. This is where a household bill helps you determine your monthly payment options for installment payments.

What is a mortgage loan?

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Are you a real estate owner? In this case, you have the option of taking a mortgage loan. Together with her, you can more easily fulfill your dreams thanks to the large amount of money you can get. How exactly do mortgages work and where can we take them?

I think each of us met already with the term loan mortgage or mortgage. However, it is worth separating these two offers at the very beginning. Mortgage loans are granted both by banks and by parabanks, ie loan companies. Thanks to the mortgage loan, we can receive financial resources for any purpose, for example for renovation, holiday trips, shopping. On the other hand, loans , mortgages, which in the context of services for private individuals include loans and to build a house, the bank loans deliberate only purchase or construction of real estate.

A mortgage loan – what exactly is it?

Together with a mortgage loan, we can receive a large sum of money – even several hundred thousand zlotys and more, depending on your creditworthiness. These loans are granted for long periods of up to 30 years, which allows for easy repayment of installments. Currently, we can take up to 80% of the collateral, which is a mortgage.

A mortgage is secured by a property – it can be a flat, a single-family house, a plot of land or a property to which we have the right of ownership. The real estate can no longer be subject to another mortgage. Due to a mortgage, a bank or other financial institution obtains its rights to it if we do not comply with the contract, i.e. we will not repay the debt. What’s more, the institution may request additional payments if the value of the property does not fully cover our debts.

The possibility of losing real estate is one of the main drawbacks of a mortgage loan. Therefore, we should always think carefully about signing such a contract. On the other hand, it is one of the best options to receive a loan for a high sum, also with attractive interest rates – lower than for cash or car loans.

Where for a mortgage loan ?

As we have already mentioned, mortgage loans are currently provided by banks and non-bank institutions. In the case of banks, we also need creditworthiness to obtain financing, i.e. mainly fixed income. We can not also have negative entries in databases such as BIK.

Obtaining a loan in a parabank is easier because loan companies do not have such complex requirements as banks. We can get a loan also at lower or irregular revenues, with negative entries in BIK. However, we must remember that non-bank loans of this type are associated with a higher interest rate, and we will not receive money in the value of up to 80% of real estate, but most often up to about 40-50%. For example, for a flat worth PLN 200,000, we will receive a loan of up to PLN 100,000. Location requirements may also appear, for example properties in the centers of larger cities are preferred.

So if you need a large sum and you own a property, you also have mortgage loans at your disposal.

Renegotiation of mortgage loan – the top 3 of the mistakes!


You have a mortgage loan and your interest rate is quite high for current market levels. For example, about 5-6%.

How does the average borrower think when deciding to reduce his interest rate on the loan?

I have signed a contract with the bank for a certain interest – so my interest should remain the same.

How does the average borrower do when he wants to re-negotiate his loan ?

He enters the bank branch – usually the closest to his home or workplace – and says, “I want you to cut your interest!” The credit inspector kindly informs him that he has no power to reduce interest. However, the client has the right to make a written request to change the terms of the loan to the bank’s bankruptcy, and the credit inspector will move it.

Submission of the application, the text of which in 90% of the case is a variation of the following: “I have credit in your bank at what interest. Please reduce my interest because at the moment the interest rates of the other banks are much lower than yours. “

And let’s not forget – in some banks you also pay a fee for your application to come in. There is a waiting – between a week and a month. There are also lucky ones who receive their request within a few days, but they are rather an exception.

And what is the answer you get from the bank?

If you have accidentally agreed to reduce your credit interest – the amount of the discount is usually not close to your wishes. And let’s not forget – you also have to pay a fee for the interest rate cut. Fees vary – between 0.2% and 2% on the remainder of the principal. One made the calculation and began to understand that reducing the interest rate on the loan could be quite expensive.

Where is our hero wrong?

At every step! Absolutely each.

Let’s take a closer look at his actions and distinguish the mistakes:

  1. First mistake – “The client enters the bank branch – usually the closest to his home or workplace.”

Huge mistake! And it is widely accepted. Somewhat provoked by the bank officials’ claim that customer credit can be served by each branch. This statement is true. But here’s an important detail. The customer does not want the most usual loan service. He struggles to change the credit parameters. And for a change that will be to the detriment of the bank!

What am I trying to tell you? I tell you that you need to find an employee interested in your credit. And if someone has already thought of corruption – you are far from the truth. You must enter your credit change request from the place you are assigned to. From the branch and the employee who will suffer negative if you lose as a customer. Sometimes it is infinitely difficult. But it is extremely important. Another problem arises – you know who you are assigned to, but you also know that employees there are extremely weak. In this and only in this case, you can afford the luxury of not getting your claim from your service branch. But – and this is extremely important – you need to find a strong enough employee from another branch to be able to defend your request.

  1. Second mistake – the client says, “I want you to reduce my interest!”.

Most customers think it suffices to express their desire to be satisfied. They, however, forget the existence of the credit agreement. And in this contract it is clearly stated that the bank has the right to change the interest, and the client – if he wants to change any condition on the loan – should pay for it. And only if the bank agrees with the requested change.

Many customers deliberately do not want to indicate the interest they want to achieve. Their reluctance is dictated by the fear that, if they indicate a certain level of interest rate, they miss the chance of the bank lowering their interest. One kind – not to “spend”. The truth is, the surest way to get nothing is to ask nothing specifically. And “I want you cut your interest rate” is the perfect sample of a request for a person who does not know what he wants.

  1. Third mistake – the text of the request “Please reduce my interest because at the moment the interest rates of the other banks are much lower than yours .”

A sense of justice plays no role in dealing with the bank. Even the interest rates on newly authorized loans to other banks have fallen to 3% – your creditor is not obliged to reduce your interest rate from the current 5% to 3% just because “that’s fair,” and you think.

Be sure not to make the mistakes we’ve reviewed and be sure you will have a much higher success rate when re-negotiating your credit terms .

In case you are not sure of your negotiating skills – take advantage of my free consultation .

But whatever you decide – the surest way banks will continue to rob you is to do nothing.


Withdrawal Loan: Comparison for 2019


As favorable as an installment loan, as flexible as a dispo and independent of the bank – these advantages are combined in the call-off loan. It works like an overdraft on the checking account, except that a separate account is created for it. This is available from direct banks at attractive online conditions. Once granted by the bank, the loan can be used without further formalities, and returned again. Use our independent comparison to calculate interest rates for a given period of time and find the cheapest provider.

In four steps, you can make your application online quickly and easily.

Please click on the graphic below. A positive credit decision is subject to certain conditions. The usual requirements and requirements for creditworthiness apply.

Grafik zur Beantragung eines Abrufkredit

What is a call credit?

A call-off loan – also known as a credit line – is a limited credit line granted by the bank – similar to the dispo. Unlike the latter, however, the loan is not tied to a current account, but rather is set up on an extra account, usually at another bank. Within the agreed framework, the customer can freely and flexibly dispose of the money. The bank collects interest for the amount of money used, which is calculated on a daily basis for the exact duration of use. The repayment is regulated differently depending on the provider.

in detail : How does a call-off loan work?

advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are the flexible handling and the low interest costs. Within the agreed credit limit, the customer can freely dispose of the money without the need for further arrangements with the bank. The call-off loan offers an always available liquidity reserve. The repayment can make the borrower flexible, a renewed use is possible at any time.


The costs are much lower than at the Dispo, otherwise the risks of both forms of credit are comparable. A commitment to complete eradication is not here. If you want to use the credit over a longer period of time, you have to expect considerable interest costs, at least for large amounts. The interest rates are variable, and therefore may change in both directions when used. The bank increases / decreases the interest rates rise / fall of the user, the resulting costs .

6 interest rate compared

At present, the call-off loan is not yet available at all banks. Currently, there are a bit more than a handful of providers in Germany, see the following table. The total costs are shown in the so-called effective annual interest. Based on the effective interest rate, the terms of several banks can be compared neutrally. The cheapest interest is currently with 5.99 percent (as of March 2019). A processing fee is no longer due to the amended legislation. A calculation of the individual costs including credit amount and term is possible via our credit comparison . Offers for commercial use can be found in the area of current account credit .

Bank conditions customers apply for:

  • Interest rate : 5.99% effective
  • Credit line : up to 25,000 euros

customers Employees, civil servants and freelancers application     


  • Interest rate : 6.65% effective
  • available frame : up to 25,000 euros

suitable for: Workers, civil servants, the self-employed and freelancers application     


  • Interest : 6.75% effective
  • Budget : up to 100,000 euros

suitable for: Civil servants and civil servants application     


  • Interest rate : 7.99% effective
  • Credit line : up to 50,000 euros

suitable for: Employees and civil servants application     


  • Interest rate : 7.99% effective
  • Credit : up to 15,000 euros

suitable for: Workers and civil servants Unfortunately currently not available


  • Interest rate : 14.99% effective
  • Credit : up to 1,500 euros

suitable for: Employees, civil servants, students and the self-employed application     


The credit line

A credit line is a maximum amount up to which you, the customer, can dispose of a certain amount of money. If, for example, you have agreed a framework loan of 10,000 with your bank, you can call up to 10,000 euros. However, the retrieved sum can amount to only a few hundred euros. Currently there are credit lines in Germany ranging between 25,000 and 50,000 euros. For officials, the provider ABK Bank also provides up to 100,000 euros. How high your actual credit line will be depends on the chosen bank and your credit rating. The higher your income, the more generous the award will be. At the beginning of your relationship with a customer, you may not receive your credit at the desired level. For example, you can then apply for an increase in the limit in a few months.

Payout / retrieval of money

Once the credit line has been made available, a payout will not automatically be made. There is initially only the possibility of borrowing. You must first get the amount you want and transfer it to your checking account at the bank. This can be done either online, via app, by phone or in writing. Even multiple orders are possible, as long as the maximum amount is not exceeded. Even amounts already paid back can be used again at any time without formalities.


The budget is granted indefinitely, there is no fixed term. The type of repayment depends on the provider. So there are call-off loans with a fixed monthly repayment plan as well as completely flexible models without specifications of the bank. If you, as a customer, want to repay the entire loan amount at a later time, you can do it without any costs or formalities. Some institutions require a minimum repayment of 1- or 2% of the loan amount per month. Otherwise, an individual agreement can be made with the bank at any time.

Possibilities of eradication

  • the entire loan amount
  • a partial amount, eg half or one third of the current balance
  • Installment, eg 50 Euro per month or 1% of the claimed loan amount


Termination does not mean the repayment of borrowed loan amounts, rather the entire credit line is dissolved. Thereafter, no further disposals are possible. Most banks nowadays offer online access where you can execute different orders for each account. As a rule, an area for termination is also provided here. Although you can arrange the order online. Afterwards, however, you must print out a PDF form, sign it, and send it by post to the bank.

What to look for?

If you pay attention to a few things when using it, you can benefit from the numerous advantages . First, you should realistically assess your own economic performance. You should only have funds that you can easily repay. Since there is no fixed term and no obligation for complete repayment, you as the customer have to plan the repayment yourself. The interest rate is variable and can therefore be increased or decreased by the bank at any time. Usually you will be notified – either on the bank statement or as a message in your online mailbox. The interest is always calculated only for the amount actually claimed.

The most important points at a glance

  • realistic assessment of one’s own economic performance
  • View current interest rates regularly
  • Save costs by comparing different providers
  • independent and regular repayment
  • increased interest costs for long-term use

Student loan. Where can you get the money?

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Also, students have their special financial needs and take out loans and credits. When can you get money without a problem when you are getting a job?

Although most young people do not need loans, some of them may need to. In addition to the possibility of obtaining a student loan, there are also various banking and non-bank offers. If he needs money, for example for a holiday trip around the world, buying a car or for other purposes, he has a lot of interesting offers ahead of him.


Of course, before we decide to make a commitment, we should think carefully whether we really need the money. Maybe you can make extra money on weekends or get a loan from your family? Or you can sell some possession of property to also get an additional sum?


In the bank and non-bank

For a loan, a student can go to a bank or he can get help from non-bank lending companies. This first offer is eagerly chosen by bank account owners – good offers can usually be found in your bank, and you can immediately apply – also on-line.


We can also get an internet loan in non-bank loan companies – many of them allow you to get your payday loans and installments without leaving your home or dorm. Then we will be able to arrange all the formalities via the internet. When we want to receive cash, we can also look for a loan with the option of paying by the Giro check carried out at Poczta Polska branches.


It is the non-bank loans that are willingly chosen by younger customers – they are available online, so you can take them very easily, and also do not require the supply of a number of additional documents.


Attention! Not everywhere 18 years is enough

We must remember, however, that the mere fact that a student is an adult will not often be enough to obtain a loan.


It is worth pointing out that many loan companies have certain age brackets, i.e. they offer their loans only to customers of a certain age, for example from the age of 21 and not from the age of 18. In turn, most banks allow you to receive a loan from the age of 18. In non-bank companies, this limitation is primarily due to the fact that young people are perceived as more risky clients.


Does the student have to have employment to get a loan?

Another issue is the student’s income – does he have to have some employment to get money from a bank or a loan company? Here, lenders apply different policies – some require income derived from a contract of employment or civil law contracts, while others do not have such requirements.


However, we must point out that without a credit history it will be difficult for a student to get a loan for a higher sum. The credit history at BIK is built on the basis of loans and credits, so it is worth to opt for a smaller loan, for example a few hundred zlotys. This will increase the chance of getting a higher loan in the future.

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