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Student loan. Where can you get the money?

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Also, students have their special financial needs and take out loans and credits. When can you get money without a problem when you are getting a job?

Although most young people do not need loans, some of them may need to. In addition to the possibility of obtaining a student loan, there are also various banking and non-bank offers. If he needs money, for example for a holiday trip around the world, buying a car or for other purposes, he has a lot of interesting offers ahead of him.


Of course, before we decide to make a commitment, we should think carefully whether we really need the money. Maybe you can make extra money on weekends or get a loan from your family? Or you can sell some possession of property to also get an additional sum?


In the bank and non-bank

For a loan, a student can go to a bank or he can get help from non-bank lending companies. This first offer is eagerly chosen by bank account owners – good offers can usually be found in your bank, and you can immediately apply – also on-line.


We can also get an internet loan in non-bank loan companies – many of them allow you to get your payday loans and installments without leaving your home or dorm. Then we will be able to arrange all the formalities via the internet. When we want to receive cash, we can also look for a loan with the option of paying by the Giro check carried out at Poczta Polska branches.


It is the non-bank loans that are willingly chosen by younger customers – they are available online, so you can take them very easily, and also do not require the supply of a number of additional documents.


Attention! Not everywhere 18 years is enough

We must remember, however, that the mere fact that a student is an adult will not often be enough to obtain a loan.


It is worth pointing out that many loan companies have certain age brackets, i.e. they offer their loans only to customers of a certain age, for example from the age of 21 and not from the age of 18. In turn, most banks allow you to receive a loan from the age of 18. In non-bank companies, this limitation is primarily due to the fact that young people are perceived as more risky clients.


Does the student have to have employment to get a loan?

Another issue is the student’s income – does he have to have some employment to get money from a bank or a loan company? Here, lenders apply different policies – some require income derived from a contract of employment or civil law contracts, while others do not have such requirements.


However, we must point out that without a credit history it will be difficult for a student to get a loan for a higher sum. The credit history at BIK is built on the basis of loans and credits, so it is worth to opt for a smaller loan, for example a few hundred zlotys. This will increase the chance of getting a higher loan in the future.

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