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Withdrawal Loan: Comparison for 2019


As favorable as an installment loan, as flexible as a dispo and independent of the bank – these advantages are combined in the call-off loan. It works like an overdraft on the checking account, except that a separate account is created for it. This is available from direct banks at attractive online conditions. Once granted by the bank, the loan can be used without further formalities, and returned again. Use our independent comparison to calculate interest rates for a given period of time and find the cheapest provider.

In four steps, you can make your application online quickly and easily.

Please click on the graphic below. A positive credit decision is subject to certain conditions. The usual requirements and requirements for creditworthiness apply.

Grafik zur Beantragung eines Abrufkredit

What is a call credit?

A call-off loan – also known as a credit line – is a limited credit line granted by the bank – similar to the dispo. Unlike the latter, however, the loan is not tied to a current account, but rather is set up on an extra account, usually at another bank. Within the agreed framework, the customer can freely and flexibly dispose of the money. The bank collects interest for the amount of money used, which is calculated on a daily basis for the exact duration of use. The repayment is regulated differently depending on the provider.

in detail : How does a call-off loan work?

advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are the flexible handling and the low interest costs. Within the agreed credit limit, the customer can freely dispose of the money without the need for further arrangements with the bank. The call-off loan offers an always available liquidity reserve. The repayment can make the borrower flexible, a renewed use is possible at any time.


The costs are much lower than at the Dispo, otherwise the risks of both forms of credit are comparable. A commitment to complete eradication is not here. If you want to use the credit over a longer period of time, you have to expect considerable interest costs, at least for large amounts. The interest rates are variable, and therefore may change in both directions when used. The bank increases / decreases the interest rates rise / fall of the user, the resulting costs .

6 interest rate compared

At present, the call-off loan is not yet available at all banks. Currently, there are a bit more than a handful of providers in Germany, see the following table. The total costs are shown in the so-called effective annual interest. Based on the effective interest rate, the terms of several banks can be compared neutrally. The cheapest interest is currently with 5.99 percent (as of March 2019). A processing fee is no longer due to the amended legislation. A calculation of the individual costs including credit amount and term is possible via our credit comparison . Offers for commercial use can be found in the area of current account credit .

Bank conditions customers apply for:

  • Interest rate : 5.99% effective
  • Credit line : up to 25,000 euros

customers Employees, civil servants and freelancers application     


  • Interest rate : 6.65% effective
  • available frame : up to 25,000 euros

suitable for: Workers, civil servants, the self-employed and freelancers application     


  • Interest : 6.75% effective
  • Budget : up to 100,000 euros

suitable for: Civil servants and civil servants application     


  • Interest rate : 7.99% effective
  • Credit line : up to 50,000 euros

suitable for: Employees and civil servants application     


  • Interest rate : 7.99% effective
  • Credit : up to 15,000 euros

suitable for: Workers and civil servants Unfortunately currently not available


  • Interest rate : 14.99% effective
  • Credit : up to 1,500 euros

suitable for: Employees, civil servants, students and the self-employed application     


The credit line

A credit line is a maximum amount up to which you, the customer, can dispose of a certain amount of money. If, for example, you have agreed a framework loan of 10,000 with your bank, you can call up to 10,000 euros. However, the retrieved sum can amount to only a few hundred euros. Currently there are credit lines in Germany ranging between 25,000 and 50,000 euros. For officials, the provider ABK Bank also provides up to 100,000 euros. How high your actual credit line will be depends on the chosen bank and your credit rating. The higher your income, the more generous the award will be. At the beginning of your relationship with a customer, you may not receive your credit at the desired level. For example, you can then apply for an increase in the limit in a few months.

Payout / retrieval of money

Once the credit line has been made available, a payout will not automatically be made. There is initially only the possibility of borrowing. You must first get the amount you want and transfer it to your checking account at the bank. This can be done either online, via app, by phone or in writing. Even multiple orders are possible, as long as the maximum amount is not exceeded. Even amounts already paid back can be used again at any time without formalities.


The budget is granted indefinitely, there is no fixed term. The type of repayment depends on the provider. So there are call-off loans with a fixed monthly repayment plan as well as completely flexible models without specifications of the bank. If you, as a customer, want to repay the entire loan amount at a later time, you can do it without any costs or formalities. Some institutions require a minimum repayment of 1- or 2% of the loan amount per month. Otherwise, an individual agreement can be made with the bank at any time.

Possibilities of eradication

  • the entire loan amount
  • a partial amount, eg half or one third of the current balance
  • Installment, eg 50 Euro per month or 1% of the claimed loan amount


Termination does not mean the repayment of borrowed loan amounts, rather the entire credit line is dissolved. Thereafter, no further disposals are possible. Most banks nowadays offer online access where you can execute different orders for each account. As a rule, an area for termination is also provided here. Although you can arrange the order online. Afterwards, however, you must print out a PDF form, sign it, and send it by post to the bank.

What to look for?

If you pay attention to a few things when using it, you can benefit from the numerous advantages . First, you should realistically assess your own economic performance. You should only have funds that you can easily repay. Since there is no fixed term and no obligation for complete repayment, you as the customer have to plan the repayment yourself. The interest rate is variable and can therefore be increased or decreased by the bank at any time. Usually you will be notified – either on the bank statement or as a message in your online mailbox. The interest is always calculated only for the amount actually claimed.

The most important points at a glance

  • realistic assessment of one’s own economic performance
  • View current interest rates regularly
  • Save costs by comparing different providers
  • independent and regular repayment
  • increased interest costs for long-term use

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